English Nouveau - Pinot Noir Early 2022. £92 (inc. p&p)

English Nouveau - Pinot Noir Early 2022. £92 (inc. p&p)

Sixteen Ridges Vineyard
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Pioneers of Nouveau style red wine in the UK, we are proud to release our 2022 vintage - from grape to bottle in under 8 weeks!

2022 gave us warmth and sunshine, and delivered delicious, bright and vibrant grapes. The wine is light-bodied, fruity and pale red wine style made in the traditional Nouveau manner. 

This vintage has typical fruit aromas of banana and cranberry, with cherry, raspberry, strawberry and with just a hint of oaky vanilla on the palate. 

Made to be consumed young and fresh, however, we have found previous vintages age beautifully too!

Pair with fun & laughter; share with friends and family!